Mobirise Web Building Software – Header Block WeddingAMP


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Header block of the WeddingAMP consists of two images on the right and left sides, title, text, and button. Though this construction is quite easy, it’s important for the introduction, so the customer would understand where he is and what’s going on. Beautiful images would make a nice accent and your customers wouldn’t bore.

Mobirise Web Building Software – Content Block of PurityM4


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PurityM4 template of Mobirise builder is totally free but has all the main blocks and features as the other paid. The content block is the simplest one. It has only a title and a text with a background image or video. On the other hand, it’s the most important block, which would help you to present the main information, which wouldn’t collapse with images and other playful elements. A good combination of Antiqua and grotesque fonts brings wholeness to a layout. User’s eye would easily pick up the necessary information wouldn’t be distracted by unnecessary elements.

Mobirise Website Builder Software – Form Block of ServiceAMP


Live Example:

The form is one of the most useful blocks in the template. It offers you to contact to your customer and know his opinion without any issues with the server. To set the form, you need to click on it in the app and embed your email, so the messages would come to it. Also, you can exclude some fields out of the form.

Mobirise Bootstrap Theme Generator – Features Block


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In this block, you can set the cards with image, title, and subtitle. It’s possible to manipulate with the cards in different ways, noticeably changing the layout. You can set the cards border and background transparency. Also, it’s possible to set the title’s border and color. If you wish, you can remove the images from the cards.