Mobirise Web Design Software – Forms Block of RestaurantM4


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Forms block of RestaurantM4 offers you to present form and text, where you can choose the number of the blocks. With this form, your clients can set the main data about themselves and order the table for a certain occasion. This block is one of the most useful if you want to create a website for the restaurant.

Mobirise Webdesign Software – Pricing Tables of ChurchAMP


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With pricing tables, you can propose to your congregation the sum for a donation. In the settings of a block, you can manipulate with the standard actions, plus it’s possible to set the number of cards and the quantity of the items on them. Also, you can choose the background color of each title and choose different options for the background.

Mobirise Responsive Website Builder – Events Block of ChurchAMP


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With Events block, you can set 2 cards with a small description of the upcoming event. In the settings of the block, you can manipulate with title, subtitle, text, buttons, borders, images, icons and background. Also, it’s possible to set a transparent background of each card and choose the size of the icons.

Mobirise Web Design Software – Features Block of AgencyM4


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Features Block of AgencyM4 contains standard elements and options. Here you can see an image, title, subtitle and the list of items, text. It’s possible to increase or decrease the size of media, set the number of items from one till four. Also, it’s possible to choose background color, image, video or gradient.

Mobirise Web Design Software – Content Block of BrandAMP


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Here you can set four columns with the list of different descriptions or proposals. Very precise and well-thought structure creates the firm layout design. In the settings of the block, you can choose the number of items in each column. This block is very informative and if you would add a background image, your customer wouldn’t bore.