Mobirise Web Building Software — Features Block


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Features Block of IndustryM4 theme has a very dynamic structure. It consists of several blocks with text or just color. When you hover some of them, an image appears. In the settings, it’s possible to choose the color to the block and hidden image, which you can see during hovering. Also, you can change the color of the text during the background color change.

Mobirise Web Building Software — Testimonials Block WeddingAMP


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Testimonials Block of WeddingAMP would help you to present the opinion of your clients. It’s very important information, which would help to advertise the business. In the settings, it’s possible to manipulate with title, name, hover color, border color, paddings, card’s number, and the background.

Mobirise Free Website Builder Software — Menu Block of TravelM4


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Menu Block of TravelM4 has a double-deck structure. The first part represents contact information: phone numbers and opening hours. Also, there could be a button. The second part shows the main menu of the site. In the settings, it’s possible to hide the top menu, make it sticky, transparent or collapsed. This structure is very useful as it saves space on the layout.

Mobirise Web Page Software — Header Block PhotoM4


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The Header block of the PhotoM4 theme has a lot of options. You can present the image, primary button, main options, which you can offer. In the options, it’s possible to manipulate with title, subtitle, main text, buttons, links, icons and the text. As far as you know, you can change the background image and choose any stunning picture from the Free Online Library.

Mobirise Best Website Builder Software — Features Block


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Feature Block of LifeStyleAMP has a very firm structure, which is divided into two parts. Here you can present two images, text and the title. In the Settings, it’s possible to work with the size of the elements, reverse the content, change paddings, hide/show different elements of the layout, change the social icons.

Mobirise Web Building Software — Header Block of IndustryM4


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The Header block of IndustryM4 has a very dynamic structure. The text part with bright color covers the blocks’ background image. There you would see horizontal text line. It brings a vividness to the layout either. In the settings, you can work with paddings, titles, subtitles, texts, buttons, background images or colors.