Mobirise Web Building App – Header Block of ArchitectAMP


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With the Header block, you can show the main idea of your company to your customers. It’s a very important informative part. It’s possible to set here the image, title, subtitle, text and button. Also, you can set background color with a figure (rectangle, circle or diagonal). Moreover, it’s possible to change the figure’s size, color and location.

Mobirise Free Website Builder Software – Video Block of ArchitectAMP


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In this block, you can present the video of your company with title and text. There are plenty of manipulations with the design elements. It’s possible to reverse the content, set background color and figure. You can set a circle, rectangle or the diagonal with its color. Moreover, it’s possible to change the figure’s size and location in the background. The main option of such a block is informative of course. You can perform to your customers the main idea and attitude to the service.